Maybe where you are living is not like here, but in Copenhagen, Winter is knocking our door. Suddenly I am looking for coats, sweaters and new boots for my boys. Comfy clothes and shoes with style that last and look amazing with every look. Difficult, yes, but I am not the only one.

If you have little ones and you are also looking for all the perfect things in the same packet, maybe you would love to know DONSJE.  Beautiful shoes, handmade and so comfortable that I will order a pair or two for myself.


DONSJE, fluffy in Dutch, offers the cutest boots and shoes for babies and toddlers until 2 years of age, plus different accessories for all ages.

They have two collections per year (Summer and Winter) and the inspiration from every collection comes from all the activities that Floor va Oosten Slingeland, the founder, makes with her children: the illustrations from the books they read, the color of the flowers they pick, the toys they love, the crafts they make.


I can picture them in a fairy tale or in a dragon hunt, with their subtle powder shades and beautiful designs.


Donsje have into consideration the natural development of the little feet. In the smallest sizes, the leather soles have been roughened and are non-slip and from 12 months up all of Donsje’s shoes have a flexible rubber sole. Beautiful fastenings allow the shoes to be slipped on and off easily, but also keep them secure and tight enough to the little wriggliest feet.

dongse booties_seen in cuteandkids blog

I do not know you, but I have problems to choose only one of them. I love the animal booties with their little ears and noses and their matching hats, but I cannot stop looking to the beautiful nubuck  Pina boots with interchangeable laces. So elegant, so comfy.


So tell me, which is your favorite? Can you choose only one of them?

DONJSE has also the award for the best shoes by Milk Magazine  given during Playtime 2016. So do not think more and visit their website. Winter is coming!