ENFANCE PARIS – Soaps from birth to adolescence

ENFANCE PARIS is one of the brands that we have discovered through the last Maison et Object fair in Paris.

ENFANCE PARIS is a line of 100% natural soaps designed and made for the little ones, from birth to adolescence.




What makes them different from the other skin products is that their formulas are adapted to the needs of 3 different age groups:

  • from 0 to 3, where the soothing and calming properties of the essences bring comfort to little babies,
  • from 3 to 8, where little explorers need some extra help calming and healing their cuts and bruises, and
  • from 8 to 12, where our pre-teenagers start feeling like grown-ups and want to have their own skin products and habits.

And of course they come in a beautiful packaging that can become a box of memories or secrets depending on the owner of the soap.


A great discovery!