GKERO a cool teens’ brand

French brand GKERO was founded in 2011 by artist Marguerite Bartherotte. Every piece contains the artist’s paintings. We have fallen in love with the GKERO AW16 collection and their philosophy.

GKERO designs are truly unique works of art.


Marguerite grew up with six brothers and sisters on a remote beach south of Cap Ferret in France, a place where tumultuous ocean waters meet the calmer waters of the Arcachon basin.

In the late 1970s, her parents built wooden houses on a sandbank. This was their way of carrying on the spirit of May 1968 while everyone else went back to work. Step inside and you will find 18th century furniture alongside guns, chainsaws, antiques, and many books on art and photography. It was in this library at the age of 6 that Marguerite discovered Adieu l’Afrique by Mirella Ricciardi. This book was her first source of inspiration, introducing her to the unique dancing characters that are now one of her trademarks.

Marguerite is a multi-faceted artist, playing music on small local stages in Cap-Ferret and Paris. She goes by the name Giselle Kérozène, a salute to Jan Kounen’s short film by the same name and the inspiration for the GKERO pseudonym.


Was it the ocean that gave her a taste for freedom? Or was it the trying times with her audacious siblings, or the big illustrated books in her house? It’s probably a mix of all those things, just like how red mixes with blue and then yellow to create a joyous, bold, and strange world without inhibitions.

Marguerite trained for 6 years to master this technique before launching her lines. In August 2011 experimented with selling the T-shirts in a store in Cap-Ferret, and launched the GKERO brand.


Take a closer look at GKERO’s patterns and it becomes clear that GKERO isn’t following trends but setting them.

Each GKERO item is hand-drawn on the fabric before going into a silk-screening process to make numbered editions. GKERO’s lines result from an original artistic process.  Brushes and colored pens held by an artistic hand running on the fabric…

Animals and people are the recurring theme in GKERO lines. The bestial side of the rock star and the rock star side of the animal. This season the print is about wolfs, tigers and skiers.


Each G.KERO article is branded with a tag and serial number. Each piece is edited in small edition so that you are sure not to meet somebody with the same shirt and be original.

You can find all of the new arrivals from the latest collections at the G Kero online boutique, and a selection at SMALLABLE.


GKERO is fashionable! This AW16 season VEJA have re-realesed their collaboration with GKERO, a digital printed limited edition sneaker: VEJA’s ethical Esplar Velcro sneaker. GKERO has reinvented Veja’s signature sneaker, the Esplar, to create ethical sneakers emblazoned with an all-over parrot print for both adults and children.

Autumn is not a reason good enough to wear boring apparel.