hello Simone is a new French kids’ wear company founded in 2014 by Tifeen Duchatelle. This month, they has just launched the Spring/Summer 2016 debut collection and the HELLO SIMONE ONLINE SHOP.

We’ve introduced the brand in this post talking about the best of Playtime & Kid Shows Paris  (winter 2016). Hello Simone are chic clothes, knits and accessories for kids aged from 2 to 12.

Tiffen, the creative director of the brand, takes her inspiration from the children’s world of boundless imagination and, as a mother of two, has a keen sense of practicality in her playful and sophisticated styles.

The label is built around Simone, a young Parisian girl who loves riding her scooter with her braids and skirt floating away, traveling to different countries through the books she reads, playing with dinosaurs, eating pizza and above all to escape.


This Spring/Summer 2016 collection gets wild in Africa!

Hello Simone takes us through the Savannah across a light color palette: blush, gold, aqua…

Simone, a little Parisian girl, travel to Africa. Somewhere in the bushes, between the Tarangire and the Serengeti plains, she made new friends: Molo, Léon and Nami. The three strange and friendly creatures introduced her to the mysteries of the Savannah. When it was time,  she took them back with her, packed inside her suitcase. The Spring/Summer Hello Simone collection is a wink to that funny friendship.

The graphic design was created by Sophie Martzloff  in collaboration with Agathe Bokanowski.


Discover their first collection, a summer must-have, and shop it online!



hello Simone autumn/winter 2016 has been awarded with the MUST HAVE  MILK AWARD in the last edition of Playtime Paris. Blue ice, a cold indigo sea, lichen green, old pink, yellow winter sun… are the colors palette.

hello Simone winter 2016 collection is also a must-have!

All the photographies by Charlotte Badelon