Introducing Jaime Martínez Alonso, creative director of Algo de Jaime


This is a story I wanted to share with you a long time ago.

Jaime Martínez Alonso is a 23 years old man with a super-power: he is able to make us believe again in the power of love.

HIs parents, Sole Alonso (fashion designer) and Javier Martínez (architect) are both artists and as the Spanish saying goes: “de tal palo tal astilla” or “the apple doesn´t fall far from the three“.

Growing in a family full of love is the best way to grow up not feeling different from others, but enhancing our own strengths. 

Jaime loves animals:  zebras, gorillas, whales, rhinos and dinosaurs are his favorites’ and he never get tired of drawing them over every surface close to him: a paper, sand, a window and many others.

His favorite one? The zebra!

Jaime, my favorite animal is the giraffe! Would you mind drawing a giraffe for me??? 😉


Supported by his family and friends, Jaime launched two years ago his own company: ALGO DE JAIME, where he sells his creations printed on different surfaces.

His drawings, attached to his own font (his calligraphy) are the visual identity of the brand: a range of t-shirts,  sweatshirts and rugs made in cotton.

But ALGO DE JAIME does not forget the most disadvantaged people and the brand donates a percentage of each sale for finding homes for people with special needs.


Kilim from KILOMBO available HERE

And now their dream is becoming true at a completely different level! : Jaime has signed a contract with ZARA for selling on-line a limited serie of t-shirts for the ZARA BABY collection. Well done ZARA!

“Each person is unique and unrepeatable. We must enhance the skills of everyone, even if they are not productive, and we must give its value to what our children do. Always looking for improving the quality of their life. ” 

Sole Alonso and Javier Martínez, Jaime’s parents

You can buy ALGO DE JAIME here or at El Corte Inglés – a Spanish department store -, and the ZARA BABY collection here (available worldwide from today october the 8th). Do you already have “Algo de Jaime”?  

Have you liked the story?

Well you must known that Jaime is autistic. He has problems to communicate and to interact with others, but he is free to watch life from his own point of view.

ALGO DE JAIME is a project that comes from his abilities and his family wants it to become his financial means.  Here is the link to an interview (in Spanish) to his parents, Sole and Javier where you can learn more about the project.

Jaime’s creativity is the way to guarantee his future and a wonderful way to make him feel fulfilled. 

So, I ask again… do you already have got “ALGO DE JAIME”? 

“This especial edition based on three t-shirts, shows the potential of the autistic artist in the normalized work environment “. ZARA WEB

All the images of this post come from ALGO DE JAIME and ZARA web.