LABUBE AW16 kidswear made in Spain

Since the launch of  their very first collection,  it was clear that LABUBÉ was a label to keep an eye on.

LABUBE is a Spanish kidswear brand that just launched its new collection, shot by the talented LuciaM Photography: LABUBE AW16.

Carlota Abril is the creative director of the brand. It all started shortly after the birth of her daughter Catalina. In one of those evenings when you do not know what to do, she picked up a printed fabric upholstery and a tiptoe and made her first skirt.

What she could not imagine was that this would be the first piece of a brand that would change the course of her professional life.


There are several things that have undoubtedly influenced LABUBE: her mother, who taught her to make that first skirt and advised her without fear despite her temper and her anger; HELLO magazine that has always treated her with an infinite love and without which no one would have known Labubé; and her daughter Catalina, definitely her inspiration.

Although she says that in the design process she is not looking for  LABUBE clothes being a reference in children’s fashion, we think she does just that every new season.

“I just work for passion.  So if you have something from Labubé, do not forget that you have all my love in your hands” Carlota Abril

Every season, the new collection has an innate elegance. The secret behind Labube? The love and enthusiasm with which Carlota make each and everyone of the designs.

Dresses, skirts, knitted hats and sweaters… all of them made with the best fabrics. LABUBE AW16 collection is made in a neutral color palette, the hallmark of the brand: dusty pink,  gray , white scale, gold, and brushstrokes of other winter colors.