MISHA AND PUFF SS17 handmade with love

Misha & Puff, is a handmade with love knitwear brand for babies and children. They have just launched their next summer collection: MISHA AND PUFF SS17 .

Every new season Anna designs a charming collection of vintage-inspired silhouettes.


Ethically produced with an eye towards styling, Misha and Puff is designed in the US by former stylist Anna Wallack and thoughtfully handcrafted in Peru, where female knitters have the opportunity to support their families working from home or at a knitting center, that provides meals and daycare.

MISHA AND PUFF’s SS17 collection is inspired by the summer days of our youth. Innocent time spent with friends by the lakes of Maine, indulging in nature and the beauty of the surroundings.

Can you smell the summer?

Colors stemming from dreamy memories of dusty pine groves, lakeside lilypads, beautiful midnight skies and the stillness of the water can be seen through the cool summer palette of natural indigos, pinks and dark rust throughout the charming collection of vintage-inspired silhouettes.

The collection includes signature styles such as popcorn sweaters, beach jackets, and bonnets.

Classic bloomers are revitalized with intricate pleated detailing, along with leggings and shorts in chevron patterns and sweaters with classic boatneck and peplum finishes. Pinafores trimmed with handmade horn buttons are introduced this season.

All pieces are 100% Peruvian Pima cotton and hand-dyed with natural and low-impact dyes.

Each knitter takes great pride in the items she creates and you will find her name on the garment’s hang tag. When you purchase items from Misha and Puff you are contributing to this collaboration. Families working together to benefit everyone.

 We fell in love with the popcorn stitch line! Please, also for mums!

I wish I would have a baby again in the family…

Also, really the main inspiration is that it’s just so freaking cute to see a baby’s cheeks pouring out of a hand-knit bonnet. Cute, but not cutesy, you know what I mean? I like that the line has a serious, straightforwardness about it. It’s not whimsical or trendy, but rather, timeless. Anna Wallack


Do you love this timeless collection as much as I do? Here you can shop ON-LINE all the entirely collection.