Today is ST. VALENTINE’S DAY and we want to share with you a love story with the artisanal work and the love for the details.

NICE TO MEET YOU SS19 is the kids’ fashion debut collection designed by two friends: NY based designer Teasy Shiruo Sun and artist Friszi Tianyang Jin.

As kids’ wear designers, we want to educate children value through our designs and we think that “finding the true self” is something each individual needs to go through since their childhoods.

Teasy & Friszi – KIDDICHIC

Teasy and Friszi met in their senior studio class when they were studying at Parsons School Of Design.

Being both specialized in childrenswear, their design aesthetics and approach to children’s wear fashion are really different. However, they found each other similar because they share the same passion for handmade textiles and they both value high craftsmanship. 

Teasy loves working with fiber— the softness and flexibility of this kid-friendly material allows her to bring imagination and creativity through techniques such as felting and knitting. She also loves adding interactive elements to the textiles making them fun and playful. 

Teasy Shiruo Sun and Friszi Tyanyang Jin, friends, artists and designers

Friszi loves applying natural dye to her work to bring the wearers closer to earth through clothing. She is also into exploring weaving, hand-knitting and other methods of hand-craftsmanship. Using natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk, with the varieties of color shades from the natural materials, she seeks to create playful, comfortable, and meaningful childrenswear designs that lead children to natural and experimental experience.

In the summer of 2018, Teasy showcased her wearable toy collection “Ah La” at Dot to Dot London 10th and met many inspiring children’s wear brands and the creative individuals behind the names.

While chatting with them, she realized that many of the successful stories of the those brands required more than one peoples talent and how powerful is the process. Teasy considered then working together with Friszi, she was not only her friend from school, but also a dyer, a knitter and a designer that would bring so much fresh energy and potentials to their design journey. 

So here comes NICE TO MEET YOU 很高興遇見你 SPRING/SUMMER 2019, an exciting collaborative work by Teasy and Friszi. This collection is composed by handmade interactive clothes that spark kid’s imagination .

Comprised of handmade interactive garments, the collection aims to educate adolescent life values and encourage imagination through its innovative, playful and earth-friendly textile design.

NICE TO MEET YOU collection is based on a narrative created by the two designers, of a child finding his/her true self: A child has been living in a comfortable glass house since their birth, until a bunny enters their life. The bunny’s appearance enthrals the child’s curiosity and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone, and eventually leads the child to find their true selves in nature. 

Teas & Friszi

Teasy and Friszi hope each child will learn something from the story behind the designs and appreciate every single detail on these timeless pieces.

Do you love this NICE TO MEET YOU SS19 capsule collection as much as we do?

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