NOTTOCBABY SS17 & CBDA photography


When Liliana told me:”Ara, I am going back to Madrid“, I knew she had to meet with Bea, because when two talented superwoman get together… everything is possible.

How long is forever?  Sometimes just a second. Alice in Wonderland




It is a pleasure to introduce you NOTTOCBABY SS17 collection with the inspiring photographs made by the talented Beatriz Gaspar.

Watching this pictures, we can remember the smell of childhood. Where dreams live.


We already showed you a sneak peak of this awesome collection last year, do you remember? We were eagerly waiting to share with you the whole catalogue and today is the day.

NOTTOCBABY SS17 collection invite us to dream, to walk barefoot and spread our wings to fly away. Stripes, polka-dots, linen, cotton, clean cut-lines, subtle palettes and soft eco fabrics. Adorable and fresh garments which give kids plenty of space to move, so they can enjoy the summer like never before.

For the photo shoot, Liliana dreamed with the idea of a day full of games in a magical vintage theme park. She found something similar, a really magical place very close to Madrid, at  Los Peñotes garden center. Bea with her innate talent for photography made visual poetry. The outcome couldn’t be more nice.





I really like NOTTOCBABY SS17 collection, Liliana Vázquez, the creative director has come full circle. Love the color palette -blue, red, ancient white, terracotta and soft pink- and the simple forms, playful clothes with a touch of elegance.

This is a beautiful collection inspired in our childhood, plenty of freedom and time to play.

And what about the fantastic shooting made by Bea? Can you feel the hot air? Can you smell ,the flavors of the candies? Can you hear the peals of laughter of the cute boys and girls on the photographs? CBDA photographs seem to be alive, and bring us to another reality, where dreams come true.



You can follow Bea and enjoy her amazing photos at CBDA blog or her IG account @conbotasdeagua.

I am so immensely proud of these two talented women, because they are Real women, because they are so natural and so talented at the same time. Because they are my friends and they deserve  all the best.

Bravo Liliana and Bea, you got It! To infinity and beyond!



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Note.- Beatriz Gaspar , A.K.A. CON BOTAS DE AGUAis currently known as a famous blogger. I predict that soon you will also know her as a famous photographer. I really like CBDA pictures.