Vanesa Lorenzo x The Animals Observatory + The Finch capsule collection

The Animals Observatory is a timeless brand from an unique artist. The result of a love at first sight scenario between two people, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. In 2015 the brand launched its debut collection.  These days The Animals Observatory is launching two capsule collections: The Finch and Vanesa Lorenzo x The Animals Observatory.

Laia Aguilar sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool for expressing her own extraordinary world. Tireless in her efforts, each garment Laia designs is infused with her flair and authenticity.


For the first time, model and designer Vanesa Lorenzo reflects the superb taste of her grown-up clothes in this kids’ fashions capsule.  The unique classic garments embrace, highlight and enrich children’s identity. Comfortable clothes in subtle colours. An example of elegance.

Vanesa Lorenzo x The Animals Observatory capsule collection is composed by playful pieces with a focus primarily on child comfort.



The Finch collection is a capsule collection from The Animals Observatory Fall/Winter 2016/2017.

Laia was inspired by The Finch College, an art school founded in the 90’s, located in Manhattan’ s Upper East Side.

Patterns and colours from a New York that is distant but close by. Lava red, bright navy blue and off-white in patterns with a retro feel, plus feminine shirts with a nod to haute couture.

We invite you to check the beautiful Short film: STORY OF A STATUE posted on its website.






Both capsule collections will be available on September 15th in selected retails.

Be a good animal, true to your instincts” Laia Aguilar

If you want to know more about TAO, you can read this interview made by Helena Casanovas a year ago. And to know more about Laia Aguilar, you can read this great article published last weekend in the Spanish magazine EL PAIS (in spanish).