LENNEBELLE PETITE – Love in the form of jewelry

There is a special vincule in Earth, a vincule different from others: the love between mother and her children. It starts the same moment you can feel a little something growing inside you. It does not matter if it is a hope for a child from the heart or a real baby inside you. The bond never stops to get bigger, to get stronger, to get more beautiful.

This is exactly what Lennebelle Petite jewelry celebrates: The purest of feelings found its outcome in a jewelry line celebrating the very special bond between mother and child. 

Lenende Kooijman is the person behind Lennebelle Petites. She founded Lenne Belle after having her first daughter. Overwhelmed by the beautiful and strong emotions of love she felt, she decided to transform that feeling in something tangible that she could share with her daughter.

“I truly believe that motherhood is one of the most fantastic and rewarding (and challenging ;-)) things that can happen with a woman in life. When I laid a first glance on my newly born daughter I was completely taken aback by how deep and overruling my love for her is. It’s such a strong beautiful emotion. Lennebelle Petites is a way to show this love, to share it with your kids, to remind ourselves about the magical connection mother and child have ” says Lenneke. “I know that every mom and mom to be experiences this. And with Lennebelle Petites I want to make it even more special, to let women have a token of this great feeling”.

Every jewelry piece is brought to life from highest quality material like certified sterling silver, RCJ certified 18k gold plated over sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

And the packaging is also very cool, even tender. Every piece of jewelry comes in signature glass tubes and pretty gift boxes.

I do not have daughters of my own, but I love the idea of sharing a little bond in the form of jewelry with them. All Lennebelle pieces are simple, but beautiful and with a strong meaning behind them.

You are loved for eternity”, “our hearts beat as one” or “you color my world as a rainbow” are just some of the names of the sets from their collection. They can be wear by mums, daughters, grandmothers, sisters or anyone that loves sharing their feeling in the form of bracelets or necklaces.

With the launch of Lennebelle Petites, Lenience also launched Mamma Stories. There, she features creative and inspiring mums that share her thoughts on life, kids, work and style. Beautiful pictures, enchanting stories and tons of inspiration. A pleasure!