MELULA SHOES for colorful steps in life

One of the best discoveries of CIFF Kids were MELULA SHOES.

Winter shoes tend to be boring, being black, dark blue or brown the main range of colors. The season weather is already kind of dull and grey, so it is so nice to add the splash of colors that MELULA brings.

birk_rgb_melula shoes_ seen in cuteandkids blog

MELULA SHOES are Loise Møllermark and Søren Hougesen, two Danish designers that share their love for simple but beautiful aesthetics.

We love kids, kids are fun just as they are active, creative and playful.

Melula shoes are inspired by the children’s creative process, by the way they express themselves through play. Although the base of the design is the same as a classic shoe, the shapes and colors in the print take them to a different level.


ss7_brand_pack8_melula shoes_ seen in cuteandkids blog

Shoes are produced in Portugal from strong and durable fabrics. The main material, sarja, and the inner construction stabilizes the ankle but also make it flexible enough to bend, which is important for mobility.

They are easy to clean and breathable for the foot, two important facts for little people, that jump, run and climb everything they come across.

ss7_brand_pack7_ melula shoes_ seen i cuteandkids blog

This is their first collection, but I am sure, it will be the first of many. Don’t you think so?

Melula shoes SS17_ seen in cuteandkids blog