MiNO Clothes – Non a Start-up , a Start Small

There are constantly new brands coming and going. In these times where everything is fast and accessible, we see start-ups rising almost everyday, but not all of them surprise us. as MINO clothes has done.

With the slogan “Non a Start up, a start small”, they’ve just launched their “small” first collection full of charm and attention to detail. Come and see it by yourself.

Some people think big, we think small

They win me over with their attention to detail. In an era of low cost and copy-cats it is difficult to find people that really care about detail, about things well done.

Then, when I started to look at them, I fall in love with their approach to business:

We produce in small series taking care of the small details, because they make the difference. We think on a controlled and justified price. We think on all these little things that aspire to build a better world little by little.

Their first collection is “petite”, but exquisite.

I really love the mix of colors, the look and feel of the garments made of 100% organic cotton and all the attention to the details in pockets, collars, hems and backs.

We think small, to see small. We put ourselves at children’s height to see things from their points of view, because at the end, when we look at the world from below, it seems much bigger to us.

I really wish that they come to stay, to grow bigger little by little, as our children do. And we will follow them closely, as we hope you do.

Congratulations and welcome to the big world!