NOVEL WALK SHOES – Or the Journey of a butterfly

If you are looking for Winter shoes with character, you should definitively meet NOVEL WALK SHOES.

Come and discover this new Spanish brand that not only looks for comfort and quality, but for a way to create a link, a story, between the shoes and their little owner: your child.

As many other amazing brands, NOVEL WALK SHOES comes from the inspiration and the different point of view that motherhood brings. Cati Ferragut, the creative behind the scenes, mixed all her knowledge and know-how, collected as footwear and accessories designer, with her will to create stories, to link the children’s world to something as simple as a shoe.

Her first work is called  Butterfly Metamorphosis, and as difficult as it seems, she has created poetry from leather and suede.  The journey from carterpillar to butterfly translated to a shoe collection.


Shoes made with care, using high quality materials and manufactured locally, shoes made with love. Cati is really interested in the handcrafted side of the production, in its human perspective and the know-how of the people behind every shoe.  This is what it makes them special, this well-balanced mix between craftmanship, creativity and new technologies.

Shoes with names so evocative as carterpillar, moth, cocoon, bloom, chrysalis or butterfly made of the softest leather and with integrated zips, so children can put and remove them easily.

Living in the north of Europe, I love the fur stuffed boots, they look very warm and comfty, don’t you think so?

Which are your favorite? We would love to know!