SKIP HOP – Bathtime in style

Bathtime is definitely my kids favorite time until the “wash your head” moment arrives.

They love the splashing, the diving and all the bubbly staff, but thinking on water running through their face is too much troubleĀ for their time of laughs.

This waterfall rinser from SKIP HOP seems to be the solution to their nightmares. It is funny, but stylish and I cannot see why they would not love to play with it and its wide open mouth.

Waterfall riser by skiphop, seen in cute and kids

In fact, all the bathtime helpers collection is so lovely that you would want to have it all.

The Moby Bath Spout Cover will protect their head and hands in a funny way. The Moby floating thermometer would be one more of their toys

But my favorite is this Moby Tub stopper, although I feel it would be not much time in the right spot. Who will not want to fish the whale?

Tub stopper by skiphop, seen in Cute and Kids blog

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