How many times I’ve dreamt about the idea of an adult size of my kids’ clothes!

Et voilá! From May 2018 my dream (and maybe yours) will come true as  can TINY COTTONS launchs her first  TINYCOTTONS WOMEN Collection.

As part of their ALL INCLUSIVE collection, TINY COTTONS offers now apparel for women! To mix and match with our little ones.

We are huge fans of TINYCOTTONS, one of those Spanish brands for kids that we are proud of, both for their evolution and their business project. Founded in Barcelona in 2012 by Barbara Bruno and Gerard Lazcano, they have quickly became well known in the kids’ fashion world. It is a brand with a strong identity and committed to collectives that need visibility. 

Any other huge fan of  TINYCOTTONS in the room? Are you ready for TINYCOTTONS WOMEN Collection?


The new Summer collection, launched for kids last February, tells a story about the search of merriness and the true meaning of good fun. With the magical  Hôtel Bonheur as a destination , the journey turns into lots of fun.
ALL INCLUSIVE talks about the importance of  priceless moments. The message of the collection is not to miss any attraction, because it’s all inclusive! Included a collection for women of selected items!

A rich palette, comprised of  vivid tones like cerulean blue and bold red are juxtaposed with demure pastels, mirroring the contrast between classic checks and stripes and the zany prints that inject humour into the season’s offerings.

Oversized patterns and comfortable silhouettes in cotton linen blends are both stylish and functional in the heat of the summer.



#HotelBonheur staff is proud to present you… the TINYCOTTONS WOMEN Collection !!!
Available may the 3rd at