Winnie the Pooh {adorable glassware collection}

Nendo has launched a Winnie-the-Pooh glassware set (jars and glasses) designed by Oki Sato for Walt Disney Japan.

They have created a series of cute yellow silicon bases and tops, that depict the misadventures of the cutie pie cartoon bear. We love it!  There’s no doubt these will fly off the shelves at Japan Disneyland’s gift shops.

cuteandkids-winnie-the-Pooh_Glassware_walt-disney-japan_Nendo“The basic glass cup and bottle shapes are complemented by silicon lids that recreate some of Winnie the Pooh’s more famous activities: climbing trees, putting his head in a jar of honey and hanging from a balloon. We also designed silicon coasters that complete the scene when placed underneath the glassware: the door to the house, honey on a branch, the clock in Pooh’s room and Pooh stuck in a hole. ” (NENDO)



+ info: NENDO

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