WOLF and RITA – Bonjour Jeunesse Collection

Being a mum of two boys, it is always a reward to find refreshing brands that make something special for them, not just the popular superheroes t-shirts and boring pants.

Wolf and Rita is among my favorites. They do very special clothes and accessories for boys and girls alike and their Spring-Summer Collection for 2016 is just perfect!

 wolf and rita_bonjour jeunesse_summer hat_ seen in cuteankids blog

Inspired in the french Nouvelle Vague and the swinging sixties, this Wolf and Rita collection makes you feel inside a good old film.

Iconic movies like “À bout de Souffle”, “Jules et Jim” and the radical “Who are you, Polly Maggoo?” are the inspiration behind the selection of patterns and solid bold colors on their collection.

wolf and rita_bonjour jeunese_ baggy pants_ seen in cuteandkids blog
wolf and rita_ falda amarilla_ seen in cuteandkids blog

I really like their clothes because they are bold and colorful, always playing with fringes, volumes and irregularities.

The type of fashion that make you smile and let them play freely.

I am particulary in love with their swimsuit line and their big sun hats that I would even like for myself.

wolf and rita_ bañador BIRDS_ seen in cuteandkids blog Wolf and Rita is 100% Portuguese brand. They design and produce within the country. They even outsource locally their trimmings and fabrics, always of the best quality.

I really like labels that tries to support their local community, making brand of what they do best.

rita and wolf_ ruffle shirt_ seen in cuteandkids blog
rita and wolf_ dot blouse_ seen in cuteandkids blog

Have a look a their collection in Rita and Wolf website and do not miss their instagram account, always fill with style and savoir faire.