YPORQUÉ Spring/Summer Collection #readytoplay

If you are a mum of boys, I am quite sure that you, like me, wander around the girls’ zone in every shop thinking how different it is from the boy’s. There is usually much more assortment and creativity, let’s accept it. After that, I imagine you in the boy’s wing trying to find something different, but not very commercial. Tricky, isn’t it?

This is why I love brands as Yporqué and I end going to them again and again. They have playful and comfortable clothes, the type my children choose without thinking every time I open the closet door. Do you want to know why?

YPorQué is a Spanish brand that has been in the market for 10 years. They design clothes to play.

Every garment is thought to give an added value to their little user: through different textures, sounds, smells or fluorescent fabrics that light up in the dark.

Comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely and play without having to worry about getting dirty or not being dressed appropiate: tulle skirts with leggings or elastic trousers that are not too tight and can be easily put on and off.

The kids that wear YPORQUÉ clothes are super heroes, rock stars, explores of the Amazonia, dragons or sportmen. Happy children letting their imagination fly.

My children love their t-shirts with sound, like the one with the rackets above, but I can see them with the dino sweatshirt or the superhero pullover. I imagine them with their hoodie on while they save the world from a new mad super villain.

This year they launch a swimwear collection with Guillermina Baeza, a Spanish swimwear brand and I love it. Sharksm Palm trees, stripes and numbers together with Wonder Woman’s swimsuit that I want in my size. Part of the collection is reversible, so you can mix and match it. Brilliant!


So now you know it. If you are looking for something playful and comfortable, if you like seeing them while they imagine their new adventure, have a look to YPORQUÉ. You will love it. #comingfromaboy’smum