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PAPER ZOO by Oscar Sabini, a collage book


Oscar Sabini is a Venetian illustrator and collage artist. The starting point of his striking collages is a random construction of forms which, piece after piece, become a recognizable image. He designs collage books, and we love them.

His interest in the technique of collage and teaching it to children resulted in two collage books, Paper Zoo and Paper Monsters (Thames & Hudson, 2015 & 2017), which help kids create their own collage pieces.

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10 Children Activity Books for this Summer – PART 1

Holidays are here. Long days to play, to swim in the sea or in the swimming pool, to be lazy, to do nothing.

But let’s be serious, at least a bit, there are moments when children need something more organized to do. Because it is raining outside, they are tired or simply because we want they practice what they have learned.

This 10 children activity book are everything but boring. They will encourage their creativity, teach them about art, but also let them practice maths, reading or writing.

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