SPACE app by TINYBOP for all the little astronauts

Last december the 1st, there was a little surprise for all the little astronauts in the world, that day SPACE app by TINYBOP was launched . SPACE is a great app that lets kids (and adults) explore the solar system and planets like a real astronaut, so cool!

Do your kids and you like to look up at the night sky? Now you can view our solar system up close and personal and explore its moons, asteroids, and planets in 3D SPACE app.

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Kelly Tan LovePaperPlane, visual poetry

I am kind of sure that you have seen this picture before. You have thought that it was amazing and it is even possible that you have shared it with your friends in social media.

Ok, It’ s time to meet the person behind the camera. Today we are proud to introduce you to Kelly Tan, the talented photographer and digital artist behind these piece of art, created just with her iPhone and lots of creativity.

This photography has been named “I HAVE A DREAM”. We can also dream with Kelly Tan art, so-inspiring to see! Visual poetry.

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KOSKI new building block game

We showed you augmented reality app in the past (here and here). Today we want to introduce you a new one: KOSKI new building block game.

It’ s awesome, because It connects the physical and digital worlds together in a new and unusual creative way.

Please have a look to the video below, and you will understand why we lost in amazement when we discovered this board game.

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THE UNSTOPPABLES app – a game about integration

the unstoppable app, seen in cute and kids blog

The Unstoppables app introduces a diverse group of four young friends with complementary strengths:

  • Melissa, who is blind, can reach high objects with her cane.
  • Mai can jump over obstacles and crawls under them.
  • Achim, who is in a wheelchair, can travel quickly, transporting one other person. He can also read (the others cannot).
  • Jan moves a bit slower than his friends, but can lift and carry heavy objects (including, when necessary, Achim).

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