How to make a giant ‘robotic’ cardboard hand

Cardboar giant hand

A few days ago, Ara discovered a game to build robots with pieces that you can find at home with the OFFBITS construction kit. Today we show you a video that combines the same two ideas: robots and recycling.

We want you to build your own robotic cardboard hand with this video tutorial by Zygote Brown Designs. You just need some long cardboard tubes, paper straws, string, tapeand hot glue

Zygote Brown Designs is Alicia’s blog, a Melbourne based mum with two boys. It is a blog about the stuff she likes to make for her boys and the fun she has making it. We share 100% his philosophy about recycling and creating incredible things with reused materials.

“I love working with cardboard cos it’s free and so versatile and I’d hate to see a perfectly beautiful crisp cardboard box be thrown away. There is so much more to cardboard than one use. It has so much to give. All it needs is some imagination. I do make other things for them that are not cardboard but it just seems that I always return to cardboard”, says Alicia

“I really want to make magical memories for my kids and for them to unleash their imaginations. I hope by seeing me creating these things for them that it helps with that. I would love to make alot more for them but obviously like other parents I find it hard to find the time.”

Cardboar giant hand

Believe us, it is a must follow blog!

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@Reikan_Creations – Natura Insects Series

Are you passionate about animals? And flowers?

Today we show you an instagram account of someone that is able to create amazing animals using flowers, leaves and plants. Someone that believes in creativity and the benefits that can come with it.

Let us introduce you to @reikan_creations.

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DIY Carboard costumes by @zygote_brown

Halloween is around the corner and we are here looking for the perfect costume to wear. 

If you, like me, are looking for a fun costume that does not make them sweat after 3 minutes running around and they can use once and again, then you should come and see @zygote_brown cardboard costumes.

Your kids will be the sensation of the night and of many other days to come.

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Guess who is who was one of my favorite games when I was little. I spent hours trying to guess the character the other player had chosen.

Is it a boy or a girl? Has he blue eyes? Is she wearing a hat?

This easy diy will take it back for you and your children. Do you want to try?

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best books about outdoor activities with kids + a game

I remember my chilhood days, always running outside with my friends. Our legs and later, our bicycles, were our best adventure friends. Nowadays we live in a city and my kids are rising without contact with Nature. This is the reason why I began the search for the best books about outdoor activities with kids.

I have made a selection, some of them are in English and other in Spanish, but we hope the language will not be a problem, because nature speaks a unique language, the language of freedom. 

We wish these books help our family to get back outside. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure this spring or summer, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this post.

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Instant comfort pocket boxes – Bright your kids day!


Everyone needs to feel protected and loved, specially the kids, at least mine. I am a mom of two little girls, and they are always looking for  cuddless from mum, dad or whoever they have around, specialy the little one.

And I try to give ans show all my love through hugs, cuddless, knowing looks, winks, cooking for them their favorite meal, or simply listening to them -really paying to what they say and do … and now I have found a new way to show them my love for them: the instant comfort pocket boxes.

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Do you remember THE JETSONS? It was my favorite animated television comedy ever.

The Jetsons lived in a world with elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions. It seemed so far when I was young!

But now, the future is here and in probably no time, everyone will have their own Rosie at home. Have you ever dreamed with the idea of creating your own droid?

Close your eyes and imagine the droid of your dreams. We are sure that It looks like R2-D2!

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