@eva.stories tell us about Holocaust at Instagram


1980. When I was young I read “Anne Frank’s Diary”. I was shocked by her story. Thirty years later I visited Anne Frank’s home. That book had changed my life forever.

2019, forty years later. These days, you can follow Holocaust at “real time” because a new project is born: @eva.stories tell us about Holocaust at Instagram.

This is the Holocaust told to the social media generation.

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INSTAGRAM HOMES: @marceletcapucine

I discovered Leyre (@marceletcapucine) through her handmade beautiful clothes , but I have to say, when I saw her house in instagram, I completely fell in love with it: an old house with super high ceilings, wooden beams and the most amazing stairs I have seen in a real house in a long time.

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INSTAGRAM HOMES: @wunderblumen

Are you a fan of white walls or do you prefer colors and prints?

I have to admit it, I am completely in love with colorful walls and beautiful wallpaper, but I´ve never brave enough to go away from the existent white walls in my apartments. Every time I move, I get inspiration from here and there, but never accomplish my wish.

Today I want to show you the beautiful home of @wunderblumen, one of this people with courage enough to paint her walls and with a inspiring beautiful style. One of this accounts to be followed. Do you want to take a peek?

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INSTAGRAM HOMES: @overtheocean_com

I enjoy watching real houses. I am an addict to paper decor magazine, blogs and Pinterest, and I have to admit it, I stare at other people windows while I am having a walk.

It is so inspiring!, not only for the deco ideas they give you, but also because interiors tell the story of the people that live in, and who do not like a good story?

Today I invite you to have a peek with me to other people windows. Homes of people with a story to tell. Real people like you and me: with family, pets, a thousand of choirs and a job to attend every morning.

Welcome to the new section of #CUTEANDKIDSBLOG: Instagram homes. Do you want to come with me?

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