MORE TO MATHS 1-2 by LEGO EDUCATION {teaching maths with bricks}


Yesterday I read this article about HOW LEGO BECAME THE APPLE OF TOYS and now I’ve just found out this treasure:  MORETOMATHS, a teaching solution for mathematical problem solving; through the activities, pupils can help the two characters, Max and Mia to solve problems presented in four real life themes.

We are very much aware that this will challenge the traditional way of teaching maths. Teaching maths is, I’d say, typically done from the blackboard in the classroom towards the students, which might be a little bit old fashioned – at the risk of getting a lot of maths teachers on my neck.” THE GUARDIAN


LEGO® Education MoreToMath is an elementary-level teaching solution for mathematical problem solving aimed at first and second-grade students. Some may struggle to retain abstract thoughts during a problem-solving process; but using familiar LEGO® bricks as a tool can help make math calculations more tangible.

With the MoreToMath Core Set, extensive Curriculum Pack materials and interactive whiteboard software, you can easily create rich mathematics lessons in your classroom. You can inspire teamwork, encourage perseverance and promote a positive attitude towards solving problems. Students using LEGO® Education MoreToMath have demonstrated confident thinking, speaking and writing in math.

When learning experiences are engaging and fun, students feel more comfortable and motivated to tackle problems. By developing skills to overcome difficulties and persevere with challenges, we have witnessed students becoming enthusiastic, successful learners.

Let’s ignite a passion for mathematical problem-solving together!”

LEGO Education already offers sets to aid literacy, science and computing.

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