best books about outdoor activities with kids + a game

I remember my chilhood days, always running outside with my friends. Our legs and later, our bicycles, were our best adventure friends. Nowadays we live in a city and my kids are rising without contact with Nature. This is the reason why I began the search for the best books about outdoor activities with kids.

I have made a selection, some of them are in English and other in Spanish, but we hope the language will not be a problem, because nature speaks a unique language, the language of freedom. 

We wish these books help our family to get back outside. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure this spring or summer, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this post.

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Feel like a squirrel with UNARCHITECTE’s new maze

unarchitecte climbing net maze

A forest is a great place to unite with nature and fully enjoy it. What if a forest could be an endless maze of climbing nets?

Well, you can go to mountLuofu, located in theGuandunprovinceof China, andjusttryitout. ChinesearchitecturalpracticeUNARCHITECTEdesigned a 5000 sqm climbingpark in the mountain’s forest forthe local school, yetavailableforallthevisitors, evenadultones. Read more

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