Most people like theme parks, kids and adults enjoy together and live magical moments that will stay forever at their memories. I am sure that PUY DU FOU ESPAÑA that will open in 2021 at Toledo will be your favorite one theme park in the whole word.

I think that to create a historical theme park that let us to make a trip through time, through Spanish history, will be the best experience for the visitors.

In 2019, Puy du Fou will be opening in Toledo with a concept seen nowhere else in the world, to bring the spectacular History of Spain to life, opening a night-time spectacle: “EL SUEÑO DE TOLEDO” this summer, on 30 August 2019.

By the light of the setting sun on the banks of the Tagus, the young washerwoman Maria encountered the old Water-Carrier from Toledo. The old man took her on a trip through time to relive Spain’s glory days!

Before their eyes, against a backdrop of enchanted night, History came back to life, bursting forth from the ramparts of the city and the depths of the old, slumbering river.

From the Kingdom of Reccared to Las Navas de Tolosa, from the discovery of America to the arrival of the Railroad, this epic fresco takes visitors through 1,500 years of history, brought to life by 185 actors and some truly spectacular special effects!

Experience an hour-long show unlike anything you have ever seen before.
«El Sueño de Toledo», the only show of its kind in the world!

Puy du Fou is a new generation of parks that originated in France and that showcases History via spectacular and moving shows.

Toledo is one of the focal points of the history of Spain. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, it offers huge cultural wealth. Just 55 minutes from Madrid, Toledo is centrally located with easy access.

Based on an original concept that was twice voted « Best Park in the World», Puy du Fou España is set to inaugurate a new universe to discover in family. Puy du Fou España opens in 2019 and will continue with a programme of original creations over a 10-year period.

In 2021, the trip through time will continue to give visitors of all ages an unforgettable thrilling and theatrical experience.

Puy du Fou España historical theme park, spanish history is waiting for you!

I think the idea of opening a theme park based on the history of Spain is great.

PUY DU FOI ESPAÑA located in Toledo will join fun with educational content that will help whoever visits to understand where we come from. It can also be a funny resource for the little ones to understand the past of our country.

I can’t wait for visiting this historical theme park!!! And you?


Stay tunned! We will post again about this spanish historical theme park as soon as possible!