THE MILJIAN family traveling around the world


Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world with your family? I do.

I know that when I grow up, I will regret not having done it. Perhaps this is the reason why I am always very impressed by young couples with young children, like THE MILJIAN family, who embark on an adventure for a year. The best of the experiences.

Today we introduce you to Julien, Miki, Teo and Lia. They are the kind of people that you like without knowing them.



Julien is a young Frenchman who meet Miki just stepped off a train from Milan. It was love at first sight. Shortly afterwards they moved to Paris, Julien’s home city, but the couple dreamed of the Duomo and Santa Croce, while they began their day over French coffee and croissants. After the birth of Teo, they decided to leave everything, start over and return to Florence.

And one day they decided to make their dream of traveling around the world come true. Starting September 2017, they decided not have bricks and mortar to call a house anymore, and to become full time travellers and call the world their home. They sold all their belongings and began the adventure of their lives.

First stop, Bali. Then Dubai, Java, Singapore, Paris, and these days they are in Portugal.

On a hot summer night in beautiful Florence, THE MILJIAN family found themselves sitting on the ground under their kitchen window when they decided it was the moment to realize one of their greatest dreams.

They switched on the music, laid down on the bed and gazed upon their big friend: an immense map of the world hanging on the wall right above their heads. There and then they bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world.


Life rolls on until that memorable hot summer night in beautiful Florence where we finally decided to turn our lives into an extraordinary story.

You can follow their story at LIKE MILJIAN, the story of a couple who decided to enroll their son and daughter to the school of life, to jump on a plane and call the world their home.


They are making some guides to inspire us when we travel with kids. Visit this link to know their recommendations if you travel to Bangkok or Bali.  Follow their adventure around the world and keep and eye on their tips for traveling with kids.  

And what about the fantastic images their post every day at INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK? And the funny videos at their YOUTUBE channel?

I know that when I grow up I will regret not having done it. Now I enjoy traveling with THE MILJIAN family around the world, and their big smile full of true happiness. They are so inspiring!

And who knows, perhaps I will decide to follow them around the world some day.