We are quite certain that at this time of the year you are already organising your holidays. If you live in the North of Europe, everything will be ready by now. But, let’s face it, sometimes while looking to your partner the idea of traveling without kids comes to your mind.

Can you imagine a trip without strollers, nap schedules or visits to playgrounds?… It is tempting, a week for two, isn’t it?

And it is possible you will try to justify yourselves with thoughts like these:  they are still very little, they will not remember anything about these trip as a grown-up. You can think that all these experiences and memories will eventually disappear, like a fading dream. So is it worth it?

If it still perfect if you book some happy days for two at any paradise in our galaxy – I admit it, sometimes I would like to go to the moon and never come back-, but have a look to this video and see if you have different answers to the ‘not worthy’ questions.

Ollie was 8 months old when he travelled to Hawaii. Exactly 1 year later, his parents  “interviewed” him about his trip. And this is what happened.

Ollie doesn’t remember the trip as something real, but the experience and the perceptions are part of his dreams. They are a memory.

And his father, as well as ourselves,  hope these experiences be somehow baked into Ollie’s tiny cells as his body is developing. So as the dream fades away, he is left with some form of inspiration that may re-surface later in life. Maybe it will help him appreciate nature…or make him want to explore beyond the horizon.

We are the result of our past experiences, and I firmly think that traveling as a family is among the best of them. No matters how old your kids are, they will always remember how they felt.

OK! Now you are ready to evaluate where (and with whom) you will go on the next holidays. Believe it or not, you will thank me for this post.

 Thanks Flo for sharing this so inspiring video. 

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