Backdrop Balloons – OH HAPPY DAY!

If you are into parties, OH HAPPY DAY is your place.

Jordan Ferney started long ago with her blog and now she has a successful business that offers supplies for parties, plus amazing ideas for organising and decorate all kind of events.

As a fan of balloons, today I bring some backdrops ideas that you are going to love.


If you are fan of fonts, you will love this cursive Nice sign. Because long balloons are not only to blow dogs shapes and flowers. The step by step in her word cursive balloon backdrop post.


Now that rainy time is coming back, what about a weather party with this rainbow backdrop.

You can also hang them from the ceiling, like beautiful flowers falling from the sky.


Or create a photobooth backdrop full of color and fun. What about sprinkles?


But my favorite is the number balloon installation. We did it for my son’s last birthday party and he was so proud and happy with his big 6 in the wall, that I only can recommend it to you.


Happy weekend full of fun and balloons!