In our homes, we celebrate everyday as it was the day of …: every day is mum’s day, or father’s day, or why not, grandma and grandpa’s day.

And above all, everyday is the day of our daughters and sons, it is the day of the children.

Becoming a family it is not thing of a day, you are one for a long time and suddenly your life changes and the family expands.

Being a parent is a life changing event and today we want to share with you what this means to us. But we also want to know your experience, so tell us, what being a parent means to you?


Being a mother is for me a marvellous opportunity to learn.

With them I have discovered what unconditional love truly means.

Every day I challenge myself to be more tolerant and respect and listen their opinions. I try to see the problems in perspective and guide them without imposing. I want to teach them to be independent without being over protective.

Sometimes, I find myself fighting  against my own believes and traditions and the ways things are supposed to be. Thanks to them, I listen more and I am learning to be a better daughter. I am very aware that they are a present that life has given me.

Without any doubt, hand by hand, they teach me how to be a better person.





It is kind of a challenge to define what father means.

Being a father is playing things that you’ve never played before. It is suffering for things that were not even in your mind before your children exist. Laugh. Being a father is laughing loud for things that before seemed ridiculous. It is discovering shops that were there, but were invisible before.

Being a father is having surreal conversations and paying attention to details that were unnoticed before. As a father, you re-learn things that were forgotten and teach others that you don’t even know you knew.

Being a father means inventing hours where there are not. Enjoying life how you haven’t enjoyed before , but above all ,

being a father is doing all the above, without stopping being oneself.





Being a mother has been an unexpected present for me. I’ve never pictured myself as such and when my children arrived, I discovered a better version of myself waiting to come out.

Being a mother is living things for the first time, discovering new points of view and another way to tell the same story once and again.

Being a mum is listening patiently, accepting things as they come and learning how to teach them be free, be better, be them.

For them (and with them) I have become a knight without armor, I have fought against Don Quixote’s giants (and we have won), I have crossed continents and I have discovered that there is no better prize than their smile and their happiness.

They haven’t changed my life, they have completed it and now there is no dream without my family on it.



Now it is your turn. Tell us, what being a parent means to you? We really, really want to know.

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