Books my children love

Library day is a blast at home. Not only because they love the place, but also because they enjoy “the hunting” and the discovery of new titles.

One of my favorite moments is when they choose what we bring home. They discuss it, change their opinion gazillions of times and after some time they proudly bring home their selected prize.

And then, we read it. Sometimes once, sometimes two or three times and that’s all. But there are books my children love and we read and read and they never get tired of it.

[amazon_textlink asin=’0552547085′ text=’You Choose‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’49e2ad39-f53a-11e7-bc1e-6baedf928449′] is one of those and I really have to recommend it here.

“You choose” seems very simple at first sight, but it contains thousand stories. With one line of text every 2 pages and plenty of illustrations, it helps children to imagine a new tale every time they read it. Where is the story happening? Which are the characters? What they wear? What they eat?

Every night my 3 years old runs to grab the book. He cannot read yet, but he understands perfectly how it works and for the very first time he feels involved in the “bedtime story.”

His brother is 7 and this term he is learning in school how to build a story, so he really enjoys imagining the plot and giving reasons why she chooses this or that option.

They laugh hard when they select what they will wear and every night they want to be something different when they will grow up.

Thanks to the book I know that my little one loves swimming and my eldest one does not want to be a police officer when he will grow up. he thinks that he is not very good at running and he is afraid that robbers will run away.

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that are not written yet and we create one every night. You choose is a book my children love and me too.

The authors, Nick Sharratt and Pippa Godhart, has 2 similar books that we are willing to discover: [amazon_textlink asin=’0141379308′ text=‘You Choose in Space‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’82137874-f542-11e7-8979-f9a029463aae’] and [amazon_textlink asin=’0552563560′ text=’Just Imagine‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’896518a2-f542-11e7-b9ac-253b6c92a9f6′].

The other series of books my children love is “[amazon_textlink asin=’1786270595′ text=’Pierre the maze Detective‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’e120cfa8-f542-11e7-8213-d576f38f39c9′]”.

Pierre is a kid expert in mazes and the only one that can defeat the villainous Mr. X, who has stolen a Maze Stone with “the power to turn everything into a maze.”

Children should help Pierre finding Mr. X through the different mazes he has created, solving clues and searching for objects at the same time.

Although the idea is very similar to the famous “Where’s Waldo? series, what I actually like is that there is a story and a purpose behind every page. The illustrations of Hirofumi Kamigaki are amazingly detailed and it engages us hours and hours searching for clues and imagining stories aside the main plot.

[amazon_textlink asin=’1780677898′ text=’Pierre the Maze Detective – The Great Colouring Adventure‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’904a33f5-f545-11e7-b139-e1283c2283b5′]

I came across Pierre when I was trying to find a colouring book for developing the fine motor skills of my eldest one. Everything was boring for him and not appealing at all, until this challenge arrived to our lives.

Now we are always looking for the new adventure. The next one: [amazon_textlink asin=’1786270595′ text=’Pierre the maze Detective and the Mystery of the Empire Maze Tower‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’ff6ecfa9-f545-11e7-8db2-293e924eee09′]. We cannot wait!!

Do your kids have any favorite books that they come back once and again? We would love to know.