WE ARE COTTON – Simple as a baby


We all are born with the gift of simplicity. Babies discover the world through the simplest things, like the contact with his mum’s skin, her smell or the sound of her voice. Simple things that become all his world.

We are cotton is a new brand for babies that tries to recall this simplicity that is inherent to all of us when we are born, but we loose as the time goes by.


When I discovered We are Cotton first collection, I recall my mum’s words when my first baby was born:

“Let him be a baby. You will have plenty of time to dress him like a little teenager”

And she was so true. We tend to overdress them, to buy little jeans and bright colors, forgetting the importance of being simple.


We are cotton is a brand respectful with the environment and the skin of our little babies. They only use organic cotton GOTS* certified that avoid rushes , let the body breathe and keeps constant baby temperature’s.

Clothes in white, pink and gray melange , with the beauty of the simple and the comfort of a modern design and an organic material. Your baby will love We are cotton and so will you.