Finding women in …………….. shouldn’t be this hard

We have already passed the International Women’s Day. One more year, the simple fact that this day exists means that something is not working properly. Because, finding women in any job, should not be so difficult.

We present this campaign promoted by the delegation dedicated to women of the United Nations (UN). It aims to show the low inclusion of women in employment, in this specific case, in Egypt, but could be applied to many other countries …

Finding women in technology shouldn’t be this hard.

finding women in...

This is a version of the game Where is Waldo? Instead of a man wearing spectacles and red-and-white sweater, you must find the only woman in men-dominated workplaces.

Finding women in politics shouldn’t be this hard.

This campaign is part of the UN Planet 50-50 program in 2030. We are moving towards gender equality, whose main objective is to “encourage governments to remove the barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential” , Says UN Women through a statement.


finding women in...

Finding women in science shouldn’t be this hard.

This initiative, developed by the DDB Dubai agency and the Japanese illustrators of Ic4design, shows hundreds of men working. The game is more difficult than Where is Waldo?, since the person we are looking for does not carry anything specially identifiable.
The director of the agency that has developed this campaign, Firas Medrows, points out that the scarcity of women in the Egyptian labor market, and by extension, in many other countries, receives little attention from society: “Although the percentage of women who work is so low, the subject goes unnoticed. With these posters, you have to spend a lot of time looking, we want to raise awareness about this cause.

Finally, are you able to find the woman?