Hugg Bed by Bababou – from birth and beyond

My children are far from being babies now,  but I cannot resist to beautiful furniture. I saw a picture of the Hugg Bed in instagram and it was love at first sight.

Then I realise how much I share the company vision and their approach to family life, so I feel the need to share it with everyone that it is becoming a parent soon or potentially will be in the future.

Let me admit first that this picture was the reason I started my research about Bababou. I liked the simple lines of the desk: not very big for little users, but with a nordic design that fits my taste. (I also love the house and the views, but I suppose it does not come in the package 😉 )

To my surprise I discovered that what I thought was a beautiful desk, was in fact a baby crib turned into a desk and a bench after its original use was over. Brilliant! 

My 2 boys loved to sleep near me. They had their beautiful craddle, tiny as they were, but most of the days they ended co-sleeping with us after their midnight snack.

Although I really liked having them so near, I was always afraid of crushing them and, let’s admit it, it was very romantic, but not very comfortable.

The Hugg bedside crib from Bababou  is designed to seamlessly  integrate into the parents bed, giving the baby its own safe, space,  while snugged up next to the parents, delivering all  the wonderful benefits of close physical contact for safety, physiological regulation, frequent feeding, and sleep arousal, that babies need for the first six months.

The Hugg crib can be used as a bedside crib, mosses basket, or a standalone crib, which is perfect when you move around the house with them.

One of the things I regretted the most about our beautiful baby crib was that we only used it for 6 months, even a little bit shorter, as my babies were (and still are) quite tall. Then it went to another family that could enjoy it for the same little period as we did. Quite a pity!

But Bababou has though about that and the Hugg crib becomes a desk with his bench when you do not need the crib anymore. As they say, 
you are being kinder to the environment and your pockets. 

As parents we understand that well-made, crafted products should last for years to be enjoyed by all. The expense of being a new parent can be justified when the products last longer too, giving parents confidence in having made the right product choice.


I really love the Hugg  crib, maybe I would start considering enlarging our family,…, or not. 

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