I am a city girl, or this is what I always thought before moving to the Nordic countries.

Living here, I discovered that you can live in a charming village surrounded by nature and being in the city in less than an hour. No traffic jams, no stress, just few neighbours that soon become friends and all the enjoyment of the city life only a few kilometers away.

I suppose that this is what @nintanh and her family thought when they moved from Helsinki to the beautiful Porvoo, a picturesque village filled with wooden red houses, charming restaurants and beautiful shops.

The house we show you today is their second home in the village, an old sky factory that she renovated from scratch. The change is so amazing that you would like to move there right away.

One of the first things I fall in love in @nitanh‘s house is how the spaces are interconnected and how the light fills everything. Winters in the nordic regions are long and very dark, so light becomes one of the most precious things in your daily life.

A place like this is a dream come true in the cold days. Everybody has their space for feeling alone or being together, toys can stay in the floor for longer periods without feeling that they crowd the room and a party can be organised at any moment. Just some friends, good music and all the space for dancing. A-MA-ZING!

But after recovering from the impression of having these humongous space, you realiased how good is Nita as a stylist and interior designer. It is not easy at all to convert an old factory in a home: concrete floors are very cold without carpets and beams and tubes are very cool in deco magazines, but in normal homes seem like “unfinished” work if you do not know how to dress the surroundings.

@nitanh uses carpets of similar colors and designs to give continuity to the living space, creating at the same time different cosy nooks.

Big colorful paintings bring life and fill the ambience without overloading the rooms and there are plants and candles everywhere, giving the sensation of a lively home.

And then, there is the motorbike in the middle of the living room with the Stormtrooper balloon, which I am completely in love with. I really like people who takes risks and does not take decoration too seriously.

A home has to be filled with the things you like, it has to transmit your tastes and the way yo are, and I am sure that @nitanh and her family are very funny, well-travelled and love parties. They love Star Wars too.

Other thing I like is the use of neons and light boxes in the decoration. All of them have been designed by Nitta and made for her house. They give a super cool touch to the space.

The kitchen is huge, but as the rest of the house, it feels spacious and welcoming. I really like the huge wooden table, that I belive was made by a carpenter for her previous house.

Kitchen tables are for me one of the most important parts of a home. A place to talk around a meal or a cup of tea, the place where to sit for doing the homework or working from home. The place to share confidences with a glass of wine while someone is cooking. The heart of the home.

And she has a HAGA kitchen, can I move now?

@nitah does not show much of her upstairs in her instagram profile, but I am sure it will be amazing as well. Spacious but cosy and with lots of style. Who does not like breakfast in bed in a Marimekko plate?

I am sure you have fallen in love with her and her house they same way as we did. A house to be lived, to fill with memories and happy moments, a house to be enjoyed and to enjoy.

And I am sure you will find plenty of details to “steal” that will make more enjoyable your house too.

And last but not least, now that Christmas is around the corner we would love to share with you @nitanh’s last year’s Advent Calendar, mainly because I have found it extremely easy and amazingly cool.

Merry Christmas and May the force be with you!

@Nitanh ‘s house has been feature in the last issue of one of my favorite deco magazines, the Finnish DEKO and it is part of the new book Happy Home Christmas from the amazing Krista Keltanen and Jonna Kivilahti. It is in my Christmas list for this year because I love everything they do (even if it is in Finnish). If you can find it, i will definitively recommend it.

Thanks Nita for letting us show your house. It is a dream come true.

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