Katrin Korfmann aerial photographs

In CuteandKids we are always trying to open new angles, new ways to inspire and see life. This is exactly what Katrin Korfmann does with her photography: she uses the technique, the perspective and the framing to offer a new way to enjoy special occasions and every day moments.

What I like the most about her work is not only the visual composition, but that every image tells plenty of different stories in one shot. If you zoom in, there is something going on with every of the persons in the picture.

We invite you to visit her webpage: http://www.katrinkorfmann.com/ and spend some time zooming into one and every picture and imagine together with your kids, all the stories that are happening in every frame.

Her webpage allows you to travel in, out and around every picture. A Where is Waldo with real pictures. A fun exercise for children and adults alike!