PLAYTIME GAZETTE or how to be up to date in the children’s wear universe

Trade show season AW 17/18 was in full swing and PLAYTIME is one of the key events of the moment:  the largest global network of professional trade shows dedicated to the universe of Children.

Created 10 years ago in Paris, Playtime is now, thanks to its biannual editions in Tokyo and New York, present across three continents.

This year they have a new visual identity with new logos and a brand new website where you can find all the info regarding the 4 trade shows: PARIS, NEW YORK, TOKYO and now BERLIN and the PLAYTIME GAZETTE.


PLAYTIME GAZETTE is an online specialised magazine produced in partnership with a global network of writers and contributors.

The new improved website brings all the Playtime Trade shows under one roof in an easy to use format, where you will find details on each of the shows and trade news.



This year PLAYTIME BERLIN! July 5 – 6 Palazzo Italia.

In Summer 2017, Playtime will be offering a new, unique event in Berlin to a selection of 100 creative brands, giving them the chance to develop across the German market and, more globally, across the whole of Eastern and Northern Europe.

Featuring industry news, trends, mood boards, interviews and more; with 4 main categories: NEWS, PORTRAITS, WE LIKE(D) and TRENDS, PLAYTIME GAZETTE will give a well-rounded glimpse into the universe of kids.

Do you want to know the key trends for next season? Have a look at Julie Malait predictions and  discover what AW 17/18 will be about.  

Another good resource to be up to date about children’s wear world!